Why should use film face plywood in construction

In construction process, pouring concrete to ensure quality and esthetics is extremely important. Using film face plywood to create mold is the investors’ top choice.

6 strong points to utilize film face plywood

  1. Cheap price

On the current market, there are many types of materials to make concrete – poured mold such as steel, crom, bamboo, plastic and so on. However, film face plywood still take priority due to reasonable price and good quality.

van-epp-coppha-phu-phim (2)

  1. Minimization of material wastage

Using film face plywood help to save materials, reduce wastage sustantially. Thanks to its surface, it creates certain mold very firm, keeping almost all concrete in the mold not leaking out. Additonally, a number of nails also fewer than as usual.

  1. Ensurement of aesthetics

After removing mold to guarantee flat and smooth surface, especially, film face plywood from Viet A, due to flim layer waterproof, smoothness and gloss.

  1. Easy to transport

Film face plywood has light weight and good restance to sticking so concrete cannot glue panels after removing, which create convenience in transporting process.

film face plywood

  1. Durability with time

Film face plywood have good quality which can reuse 8 – 10 times. Additionally, this plywood is manufactured and processed by chemical so it avoids warping and shrinking.

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