Whether we should use induatrial plywood in making bed

With our social development, using industrial plywood  to make bed has become popular, as the quality of plywood is as good as natural wood, more diverse designs, plus cheaper price than natural wood.

industrial plywood

Many clients, however, are wondering whether they should use industrial plywood to make bed or not? Let’s refer these following shares to choose the best for your family.

The quality of bed made from industrial plywood

– Technology is increasingly developing, quality of products are also improved: no bending, no fungus and so on. Bed made from industrial plywood with sheets covered with plastic, sticked their edge firmly so they can confront termites, bending in every weather condition.

industrial plywood

– Longevity of wooden bed can last up 20 years equivalent to using time of natural wooden bed such as pencil ceda…

Design of industrial plywood bed.

– Plywood- made beds not only gurantee the quality but also have high esthetics with luxirious and modern designation. That is performed under european style or Japanese one with simple but very sophisticated and glorious patterns.
industrial plywood

The price of plywood – made bed

According to many market survey, we find out that the expense of buying a bed is very reasonable, suitutable for all clients with various price but still keep beauty and durability.

With these preferences mentioned above, plywood – made bed is an ideal  choice for your family. The products make sure quality, esthetics and price. For your reference, please kindly contact us under the following address:

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Factory: Viet Hung Ward, Dong Anh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Điện thoại: 0243 732 5589
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