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Film face plywood

Jan 19, 2018

Basic knowledge of film face plywood

  What is film face plywood? Film face plywood  is industrial plywood produced by hot pressed method of each layers painted waterproof and moisture resistant glue ( usually WBP or MR glue). Film face plywood is covered with film layer being able to be resitant to water and create gloss, limit scratch along with protecting panels in construction process.  Place to buy the cheapest plywood in Hanoi city Glue used in film face plywood Glue of construction plywood is an important element to decide the waterproof capacity in construction process or not. Normally, we ...

19/01/2018 construction plywood

construction plywood

Jan 17, 2018

What is MR glue in wooden section?

As far as we know, manufacturer of plywood usually use glue MR in producing plywood products. However, not  all plywood are used MR glue, which depends on everyone’s using purposes to choose appropriate type of adhesive. For construction plywood or film faced plywood, due to high using capacity in the enviroment and water, producers have to use WBP glue to make sure quality of plywood in hard condition. So do you know what the real meaning of the word “ WBP”? We would like to explain it to you. Firstly, WBP stands ...

17/01/2018 construction plywood