Manufacturing Process Of Packing Plywood.

long with the fact that preservation requirments, packing good is increasingly high, packing plywood was born as a neccesity with its beauty of  formility, solidity of  firmness. Packing plywood make things wonderful in the industrial plywood. Here is the manufacturing process of packing plywood:


1.Wood logs are peeled into each thin sheets of wood with thickness of 1.7mm. Viet A Woods workers will choose the most beautiful sheets to manufacture in order to guarantee the quality of plywood.


Core veneer 2


2.Next, these sheets will be rolled glue through modern machine by clever workers.


5. Spreading glue-min

3.It can be said that arranging core veneer manually is considered as an art because these appropriate sections of veneer are assembled in the way of horizontal and vertical plies to avoid the coincidence so as to create solid connection and duribility.


6. Hot press-min

4.Then, they will be moved to the cold press machine to stick plies each other to form the plywood contemparily.

5.After that, they will be put in the hot press machine about 45 minutes depending on its thickness. They have to cool about 1- 2 days in order to avoid bending.


6.The final step is cutting those panel in line with a standard size.


AA Okume plywood-8.5 mm


Just as with lumber, there is no such thing as a perfect piece of plywood. All pieces of plywood have a certain amount of defects. The number and location of these defects determines the plywood grade. Standards for construction will be inspected under internation standard.

Viet A Woods are proud of sastifying the clients’ requirments from many countries such as Japan, the USA, Korea, Malaysia,Singapore, India, Thai Lan…


Packing Plywood

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