Film face plywood – quality – duribility – reasonable

Film face plywood is a kind of metarial used in construction, manufactured from thin layers or plies of wood veneer that are glued together with adjcicent layers having their wood grain roted up to 90oC to one another. Its face is covered with film to creat smoothness and gloss of panel to minimize scratch.

Production of flim face plywood

With modern plywood production technology with Eu standard, clients are completely sastiified the quality of product.

Film face plywood – quality – duribility – reasonable

 Film face plywood is structured from thin layers and connected in pressing technology in special glue, one water proof face is covered outside.

WBP – Phenolic glue is used in making plywood, ideal temperature to press from 1200oC – 1400oC. Fiml face plywood with smooth and glossy surface helps to be resistant to water and reused many times.

 Film face plywood – quality – duribility – reasonable

Preservation of film face plywood.

– Place the board on the floor a certain distance from the ground

– Put the board down not up.
– After using, need to clean thoroughly its edges of panel and place in a dry place.

– In order not be absorted with water, regularly make glue up into hole.

– After many uses, need to be painted again

– Store in a dry place, avoid moisture by using canvas to protect.

Viet A Trading JSC is a manufatory of film face getting exporting standard to hard markets such as India, the USA… Thus, customer trust in buying our products.

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