Construction plywood


Construction plywood which is one of kinds of perfect materials used widely in the contruction project with medium and large scale in Vietnam. Thanks to its wonderful function and value, the construction plyood helps contractors to save a big buget.

Obervering manufacturing process of the construction plywood, you will understand further our products.


The process of the construction plywood is more careful than the one of packing plywood.

  1. Wood logs are peeled into each thin sheets of wood with thickness of 1.7mm. Viet A Woods workers will choose the most beautiful sheets to manufacture in order to guarantee the quality of plywood.
  2. Next, these sheets will be rolled glue through modern machine by clever workers.
  3. It can be said that arranging core veneer manually is considered as an art because these appropriate sections of veneer are assembled in the way of horizontal and vertical plies to avoid the coincidence so as to create solid connection and duribility.
  4. Then, they will be moved to the cold press machine to stick plies each other to form the plywood contemparily.
  5. After that, they will be put in the hot press machine about 6 hours.
  6. The important step is that these sheets will be sanded thoroughly to make sure its smoothness and flatness.
  7. Finally, the sheets will be covered film for waterproof, scratch resistance, longevity increase and aesthetics.

Just as with lumber, there is no such thing as a perfect piece of plywood. All pieces of plywood have a certain amount of defects. The number and location of these defects determines the plywood grade. Standards for construction will be inspected under internation standard.

Viet A Woods are proud of sastifying the clients’ requirments from many countries such as Japan, the USA, Korea, Malaysia,Singapore, India, Thai Lan…


–  Film face plywood is used in construction, instead of the traditional coppha.

–  The face is smooth.

–  Could re-use many times, save cost.

–  Safe in construction.


Items Value
Grade AA
Size 1220 x 2440 (MM)
Thickness From 11 mm up
Face A Film face (red / black / brown)
Core Eucalyptus, rubber, acacia
Glue 15 % melamine (WBP)
Hot press 2 times
Sanding core Yes

Construction plywood