Basic knowledge of film face plywood


What is film face plywood?

Film face plywood  is industrial plywood produced by hot pressed method of each layers painted waterproof and moisture resistant glue ( usually WBP or MR glue). Film face plywood is covered with film layer being able to be resitant to water and create gloss, limit scratch along with protecting panels in construction process.

Film face plywood

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Glue used in film face plywood

Glue of construction plywood is an important element to decide the waterproof capacity in construction process or not. Normally, we have 2 main types of glue:

WBP stands for Water Boiled Proof not the name of glue just only its characteristic. Likely WBP, MR glue is not the name of adhesive just for characteristic of moiture resitance in English.

Film face of contruction plywood

Film is water-repellent Phenolic glue, which helps to create a smooth-gloss, scratch-resistant and protects the board during application and use

Film face plywood


Plywood film coated coppha

Type of wood: Commonly used coppha plywood wood such as Eucalyptus, Pinus, Hardwood, Polar, Birch and Combi.

Classifying bowels by substance: There are 7 types in order of descending quality AA, A +, A, B +, B, C + and C

Advantages of using film-faced coppha plywood

– Absolutely flat film-faced plywood makes the concrete floor surface completely flat and does not need any additional mortar.
– Light weight board, easy and convenient to move, easy to install and execute.
– Easy to cut into multiple sheets to use.
– The board is not waterproof, can be reused several times (6-10 times) to save costs.

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