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Disadvantages of plywood

Mar 02, 2018

Disadvantages of plywood

  Water can damage MR grade plywood The layers of plywood can come apart on prolonged exposure to water. This drawback can be overcome by choosing BWR Waterproof grade for plywood furniture that is likely to get wet. Can bend or sag when longer pieces are used. Plywood is not considered suitable for applications that require longer pieces of wood such as our front doors, benches, wardrobe doors or any other place where long panels are required. This is because plywood has a tendency to sag or bend from the middle in ...


construction plywood

Feb 28, 2018

Advantages of Plywood

Good uniform strength Plywood is a strong material, especially if its made from strong woods (hardwoods) instead of the weaker woods (softwoods). The image above helps illustrate where this strength comes from. The darker lines (or the tear lines) that you see on the face of the plywood is called the wood grain pattern. It is quite easy to tear an individual veneer along the grain, and equally difficult to tear it across the grain. This is why, whilst making plywood the layers are arranged such that the grain pattern ...


high quality plywood

Feb 27, 2018

The best plywood in Hanoi Vietnam

Viet A Trading JSC is an unit of manufacturing high quality plywood with modern production line with exporting standard in used for making level high furniture such as: bed, cupboard, table and so on. The high plywood has preference: light weight, diverse design, good moisture resistance, resonable price. Types of high grade plywood: There are a variety of ways in which plywood is classified and these classifications are usually based on the different aspects of plywood such as the wood used, the number of plies it has, its suitability for indoor and outdoor ...


Film face plywood – quality – duribility – reasonable

Film face plywood is a kind of metarial used in construction, manufactured from thin layers or plies of wood veneer that are glued together with adjcicent layers having their wood grain roted up to 90oC to one another. Its face is covered with film to creat smoothness and gloss of panel to minimize scratch. Production of flim face plywood With modern plywood production technology with Eu standard, clients are completely sastiified the quality of product.  Film face plywood is structured from thin layers and connected in pressing technology in special glue, one ...


Packing plywood used daily

Feb 23, 2018

Packing plywood used daily

Packing plywood or pallet is applied in construction field, furniture and logistics, packing products which are especially fragile or fruit, bringing convenience and high economic effectiveness. General features of packing plywood: Packing plywood is a kind of cheap one popularly used in packing products fragile to be convenient to transport. Particularly, packing plywood is used in making package for fragile mechandise and high value ones. Its surface of plywood is made soft wood because of high economy. Depending on using demand insides or outsides, there are glues matching this plywood to create duribility and help to ...


5 lý do giúp ván ép coppha phủ phim ngày càng được ưa chuộng

Feb 01, 2018

Why should use film face plywood in construction

In construction process, pouring concrete to ensure quality and esthetics is extremely important. Using film face plywood to create mold is the investors’ top choice. 6 strong points to utilize film face plywood Cheap price On the current market, there are many types of materials to make concrete – poured mold such as steel, crom, bamboo, plastic and so on. However, film face plywood still take priority due to reasonable price and good quality. Minimization of material wastage Using film face plywood help to save materials, reduce wastage sustantially. Thanks to its surface, it creates ...


core-venee (1)

Jan 31, 2018

Core veneer – Furniture – made Material

Today core veneer is popularly – used material in interior items of many houses. Besides, core veneer is produced as decoration things, handicrafts, thus demand of buying core veneer in Hanoi is increasingly high. Veneer is thin wooden panel sliced from natural wood log, after that pressed with modern technology to make a sheet like natural wooden sheets. Core Veneer – An affordable and durable products This material has an outstanding preference of beautiful and natural wood texture. Moreover, core veneer is very vertasile from natural tree able to be manufactured into ...


Using commercial plywood for furniture

Jan 26, 2018

Using commercial plywood for furniture

Nowadays, commercial plywood used widely in interior decoration is perfect alternative material for natural wood but still ensure the quality, luxious beauty, diverse designs. Thus, products such as bed, chair, cupboard, wardrode made from commercial plywood are always chosen popularly for many clients. Furniture manufactured from commercial plywood has high esthetics Obviously, Plywood is considered as the most popular and versatile man-made woodworking material available in home centers today. Plywood is a laminated product made up of numerous thin strips of wood laid in alternate directions and sticked with glue into strong ...


industrial plywood

Jan 23, 2018

Whether we should use induatrial plywood in making bed

With our social development, using industrial plywood  to make bed has become popular, as the quality of plywood is as good as natural wood, more diverse designs, plus cheaper price than natural wood. Many clients, however, are wondering whether they should use industrial plywood to make bed or not? Let’s refer these following shares to choose the best for your family. The quality of bed made from industrial plywood – Technology is increasingly developing, quality of products are also improved: no bending, no fungus and so on. Bed made from industrial plywood ...


film face plywood

Jan 22, 2018

Instruction on construction of film face plywood

Nowadays, film face plywood chosen widelly by contractor in contruction due to outsanding preferences: light weight, high durability, many times of reuses, good surface quality, easily-assembled steps and so on. Below is steps of guideline in construction of film face plywood for your reference. Executing the work of film face plywood Step 1: Setting up scaffolding system The scaffolding system need erecting on flat and firm surface. Put mental bars on flat wooden beams to certain height under technical requiremnets. Step 2: Speading main mental  bar The main bar has good impact force, ...


Film face plywood

Jan 19, 2018

Basic knowledge of film face plywood

  What is film face plywood? Film face plywood  is industrial plywood produced by hot pressed method of each layers painted waterproof and moisture resistant glue ( usually WBP or MR glue). Film face plywood is covered with film layer being able to be resitant to water and create gloss, limit scratch along with protecting panels in construction process.  Place to buy the cheapest plywood in Hanoi city Glue used in film face plywood Glue of construction plywood is an important element to decide the waterproof capacity in construction process or not. Normally, we ...

19/01/2018 construction plywood

construction plywood

Jan 17, 2018

What is MR glue in wooden section?

As far as we know, manufacturer of plywood usually use glue MR in producing plywood products. However, not  all plywood are used MR glue, which depends on everyone’s using purposes to choose appropriate type of adhesive. For construction plywood or film faced plywood, due to high using capacity in the enviroment and water, producers have to use WBP glue to make sure quality of plywood in hard condition. So do you know what the real meaning of the word “ WBP”? We would like to explain it to you. Firstly, WBP stands ...

17/01/2018 construction plywood